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2019 January 12th, ‘Traditional masculinity toxic?’ New universe of subtle corruption emerges, RT.

2019 January 11th, Current trends in self-reproach & guilt serve interests of elites, RT.

2019 January 7th, Why Secondary Contradictions Matter: A Maoist View, The Philosophical Salon.


2018 October 22nd, Should the left’s answer to rightist populism really be a “Me Too”? Part II, The Philosophical Salon.

2018 October 15th, Should the left’s answer to rightist populism really be a “Me Too”? Part I, The Philosophical Salon.

2018 October 11th, Tragic deaths inspire a Bosnian miracle, RT.

2018 September 30th, Acheronta Movebo, The Philosophical Salon.

2018 September 26th, Steve Bannon’s Brussels plans threaten Europe’s liberal legacy, RT.

2018 March 4th, Sex in the modern world: Can even a ‘yes, yes, yes’ actually mean ‘no?’, RT.

2018 January 22nd, Sex, Contracts, and Manners, The Philosophical Salon.

2018 January 22nd, As Trump, Bannon, Assange & Oprah make headlines: The Empire Strikes Back, RT.

2018 January 15th, Hegel on Donald Trump’s “Objective Humor”, the Philosophical Salon.


2017 December 25th, Sign a contract before sex? Political correctness could destroy passion, RT.

2017 December 25th, Political Correctness Goes to the Vatican, The Philosophical Salon.

2017 December 7th, Today’s anti-fascist movement will do nothing to get rid of right-wing populism – it’s just panicky posturing, Independent.

2018 November 1st, Ideology Is the Original Augmented Reality, Nautilus.

2017 October 30th, Blade Runner 2049: A View of Post-Human Capitalism, The Philosophical Salon.

2017 September 11th, Korean nuclear tension: Apocalypse… almost now, RT.

2017 September 5th, Why Donald Trump is wrong about American history and liberals are wrong about the West, Independent.
Trump needs to be told the truth about Robert E Lee – and self-flagellating lefties need to understand that not every bit of violence in the developing world happens because of those countries’ colonialist pasts.

2017 August 21st, Act Globally, Think Locally! The Philosophical Salon.

2017 July 9th, The problem with Venezuela’s revolution is that it didn’t go far enough, Independent.
Why was there no Venezuelan left to provide an authentic radical alternative to Chavez and Maduro?

2017 June 26th, Recent European movements are working to get rid of the left – Corbyn should beware their underhanded tactics, Independent.
Recall how, in the last elections in France, every leftist scepticism about Macron was immediately denounced as a support for Marine le Pen. And look at the empty universality of successful statements like Macron’s ‘La Republique En Marche!’ – the designation of a victorious movement forward without any obvious or specific goal.

2017 June 26th, Slavoj Žižek on Peter Sloterdijk: The revolution does take place, just differently, Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
Originally appeared in German.

2017 May 5th, On Liberal Blackmail: Refusing the False Choice between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, ABC Religion.

2017 May 3rd, Don’t believe the liberals – there is no real choice between Le Pen and Macron, Independent.
Yes, Le Pen is a threat, but if we throw all our support behind Macron, do we not get caught into a kind of circle and fight the effect by way of supporting the very neoliberalism that fuels the far right?

2017 March 3rd, We Must Rise from the Ashes of Liberal Democracy, In These Times.
Trump is a threat to global stability—only a new Left international can beat him.

2017 February 19th, La La Land: A Leninist Reading, The Philosophical Salon.

2017 January 16th, Donald Trump’s topsy-turvy world, The Philosophical Salon.

2017 January 10th, Lessons from the “Airpocalypse”, In These Times.
On China’s smog problem and the ecological crisis.


2016 November 29th, The Left’s Fidelity to Castro-ation, In These Times.
In the last decades, Cuban “socialism” continued to live only because it didn’t yet notice it was already dead.

2016 November 6th, Slavoj Zizek on Clinton, Trump and the Left’s Dilemma, In These Times.
To paraphrase Stalin: They are both worse.

2016 October 3rd, The Breakdown of Rational Argumentation, The Philosophical Salon.

2016 August 24th, Clinton, Trump and the Triumph of Global Capitalism, In These Times.
Why the Hillary Clinton consensus is a threat to democracy—and the Left.

2016 August 14th, A Reply to My Critics, Part Two (re: The Sexual is Political), The Philosophical Salon.

2016 August 12th, The Hillary Clinton Consensus is Damaging Democracy, Newsweek.
The need to defeat Trump is a breeding a homogeneous movement that lacks principle.

2016 August 5th, A Reply to My Critics, (re: The Sexual is Political), The Philosophical Salon.

2016 August 1st, The Sexual is Political, The Philosophical Salon.

2016 June 24th, Disorder under the heaven, DiEM25.

2016 June 24th, Could Brexit Breathe New Life Into Left-Wing Politics?, Newsweek.
Will the post EU referendum chaos give the Left space to redefine itself?

2016 June 6th, Beneath the Veil: On the Truth of Islam, ABC.

2016 June 4th, Dear Britain, The Guardian.
Ahead of the European referendum, we asked leading authors and thinkers from EU countries to write letters to Britain. Do they want us to stay, or are they ready to say goodbye?

2016 April 29th, Democracy’s Fascism Problem, In These Times.
Europe has a ‘democracy deficit’ on both the Left and the Right.

2016 April 7th, Explaining the Panama Papers; or, Why does a dog lick himself?, Newsweek.
The question of where crime begins is not a legal one, but an eminently political question, a question of power struggle.

2016 April 29th, Stranger Danger: To Resolve the Migrant Crisis We Must Recognize the Stranger Within Ourselves, In These Times.
It is such silence that really helps our racist enemies in that it feeds the distrust of ordinary people—(“You see, they are not telling us the truth!”)—boosting the credibility of racist rumors and lies.

2016 March 19th, A Crisis in Manufacturing Consent, Newsweek.
Those rare moments when our democracy really functions and voters get a real choice are perceived as a crisis of democracy, the author writes.

2016 February 29th, Slavoj Žižek: What our fear of refugees says about Europe, New Statesman.
The true question is not “are immigrants a real threat to Europe?”, but “what does this obsession with the immigrant threat tell us about the weakness of Europe?”

2016 February 16th, The Rturn of Public Vulgarity, Newsweek.
Trump is the purest expression of this tendency toward debasement of our public life.

2016 February 3rd, Slavoj Žižek: The spectre of Putogan, New Statesman.
Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan are now officially enemies, but doesn’t it seem more and more that they stand for the two versions of the same political regime?

2016 January 13th, Slavoj Žižek: The Cologne attacks were an obscene version of carnival, New Statesman.
Were the recent Cologne sex attacks a deliberate assault on western values and a middle-class sense of decency?


2015 December 31st, Slavoj Žižek: Is something rotten in the state of Turkey?, New Statesman.
A reply to my critics.

2015 December 28th, Slavoj Zizek: The Need to Traverse the Fantasy, In These Times.
A call to mobilize Europe’s radical-emancipatory tradition, and why we need a solidarity of struggles, not a “dialogue of cultures”

2015 December 28th, Slavoj Zizek: In the Wake of Paris Attacks the Left Must Embrace Its Radical Western Roots, In These Times.
Zizek responds to his critics on the refugee crisis.

2015 December 9th, Slavoj Žižek: We need to talk about Turkey, New Statesman.
The so-called “war on terror” has become a clash within each civilisation, in which every side pretends to fight Isis in order to hit its true enemy.

2015 November 8th, The Paris Attacks and a Disturbance in a Cupola, Newsweek.
The greatest victims of the Paris terror attacks will be refugees themselves.

2015 September 9th, Slavoj Zizek: We Can’t Address the EU Refugee Crisis Without Confronting Global Capitalism, In These Times.
The refugees won’t all make it to Norway. Nor does the Norway they seek exist.

2015 September 9th, The Non-Existence of Norway, London Review of Books.
Slavoj Žižek on the refugee crisis.

2015 August 24th, Slavoj Zizek: The Greek Apocalypse: Versailles or Brest-Litovsk?, In These Times.
A response to my critics and the case for a guerrilla war within the Eurozone.

2015 August 15th, Slavoj Žižek: Thanks to the EU’s villainy, Greece is now under financial occupation, New Statesman.
A response to some of my critics.

2015 July 23rd, Slavoj Zizek: How Alexis Tsipras and Syriza Outmaneuvered Angela Merkel and the Eurocrats, In These Times.
The rebels in Greece are waging a patient guerrilla war against financial occupation.

2015 July 20th, Slavoj Žižek on Greece: the courage of hopelessness, New Statesman.
The people of Greece are not being asked to swallow many bitter pills in exchange for a realistic plan of economic revival: they are asked to suffer so that others in the European Union can go on dreaming their dream undisturbed.

2015 July 16th, Sinicisation, London Review of Books.

2015 May 26th, Ecology against Mother Nature: Slavoj Žižek on Molecular Red, Verso Blog.

2015 April 14th, I watch therefore I am: seven movies that teach us key philosophy lessons, The Guardian.
The dilemma in chilling new drama Force Majeure raises philosophical quandaries, but it’s not the first film to do so. Memento, Ida and It’s A Wonderful Life all address the Big Questions.

2015 April 1st, Whither Argumentation? A Response to Louis Nayman, In These Times.
Every direct reference to the exclusive right of one group, based on its mythic and historical past, is a precursor to a justification of brutal power, a version of “might is right.”

2015 March 2nd, Slavoj Zizek: Whither Zionism?, In These Times.
In order to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we should not dwell in ancient past—we should forget it.

2015 July 23rd, Slavoj Žižek: The Urgent Necessity of a Syriza Victory in Greece, In These Times.
Only a split from the European Union by Greece can save what is worth saving in the European legacy: democracy, trust in people and egalitarian solidarity.

2015 July 7th, Greece gives Europe a chance to awaken, Newsweek.
Today’s global capitalism cannot afford a return to the old Welfare state.

2015 June 29th, Greeks, don’t give in to the EU’s austerity ultimatum, The Guardian.

2015 March 27th, Slavoj Žižek: A modest rejoinder, New Statesman.
Although I am far from a well-meaning liberal, I simply cannot recognise myself in the lunatic-destructive figure described by Cohen.

2015 March 9th, Divine Violence in Ferguson, The Philosophical Salon.
Violent protests like those in Ferguson happen more and more often. Are these merely irrational outbursts or symptoms of a new world order?

2015 February 17th, All we are saying is give Greece a chance, The Guardian.

2015 February 5th, In the Grey Zone, London Review of Books.

2015 January 10th, Slavoj Žižek on the Charlie Hebdo massacre: Are the worst really full of passionate intensity?, New Statesman.
How fragile the belief of an Islamist must be if he feels threatened by a stupid caricature in a weekly satirical newspaper, says the Slovenian philosopher.


2014 December 16th, ‘Manning is free’, The Guardian.

2014 December 10th, Slavoj Zizek: How the United States Rolls, In These Times.
It’s lonely being the global policeman.

2014 December 4th, The loneliness of the global policeman in a multi-centric world, Newsweek.
Acting alone in a multi-centric world, the U.S. more and more often wins wars and loses the peace.

2014 September 1st, Rotherham child sex abuse: it is our duty to ask difficult questions, The Guardian.
Anyone who wants to fight for emancipation should not be afraid to examine religion and culture.

2014 August 12th, Leaving Democracy to the Experts, In These Times.
TISA’s secret trade negotiations quietly restructure our global economy.

2014 July 13th, How capital captured politics, The Guardian.
WikiLeaks has shown us that western democracies are now ruled by market forces that debase the very notion of freedom.

2014 July 7th, Broken Eggs, But No Omelet, In These Times.
All austerity has wrought in Europe is a messy kitchen.

2014 June 19th, How WikiLeaks opened our eyes to the illusion of freedom, The Guardian.
Julian Assange, who went into exile in the Ecuadorean embassy two years ago, has blown apart the myth of western liberty.

2014 May 21st, Fat-free chocolate and absolutely no smoking: why our guilt about consumption is all-consuming, The Guardian.
From fear of being seen smoking to Starbucks’ ‘coffee karma’, we’ve arrived at a cultural impasse as consumers. As 2014’s Prix Pictet photography prize tackles the theme of consumption, Slavoj Žižek traces how we’ve ended up buying into lifestyles rather than living our lives.

2014 May 8th, Barbarism with a Human Face, London Review of Books.
There’s a historical irony in watching Ukrainians tearing down Lenin’s statues as a sign of their will to break with Soviet domination.

2014 May 6th, Who can control the post-superpower capitalist world order?, The Guardian.
In a divided and dangerous world, we need to teach the new powers some manners.

2014 April 8th, What Europe Can Learn from Ukraine, In These Times.
European leftists are too quick to patronize Ukrainian protesters.

2014 February 12th, What is an authentic political event?, New Statesman.
Julian Assange and his collaborators enacted a true and authentic political event. But what do we mean by that, and how does it influence our actions?

2014 February 10th, Anger in Bosnia, but this time the people can read their leaders’ ethnic lies, The Guardian.
Protesters were carrying three flags side by side – Bosnian, Serb and Croat, brought together by a radical demand for justice.


2013 December 16th, The ‘fake’ Mandela memorial interpreter said it all, The Guardian.
He claimed an ‘attack of schizophrenia’ rendered his signing unintelligible, but his performance translated an underlying truth.

2013 December 9th, If Nelson Mandela really had won, he wouldn’t be seen as a universal hero, The Guardian.
Mandela must have died a bitter man. To honour his legacy, we should focus on the unfulfilled promises his leadership gave rise to.

2013 November 15th, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot’s prison letters to Slavoj Žižek, The Guardian.
Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is currently in a prison hospital in Siberia; here she and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek meet in an extraordinary exchange of letters.

2013 October 15th, Who needs charity from rich capitalists? The ethics of giving and the Communist vision, ABC.

2013 October 11th, Who is responsible for the US shutdown? The same idiots responsible for the 2008 meltdown, The Guardian.
In opposing Obamacare, the radical-populist right exposes its own twisted ideology.

2013 October 10th, Who Is John Galt? Now We Know!, In These Times.
On financial meltdowns and government shutdowns.

2013 October 3rd, Redefining family values on film, The Guardian.
From Robert Redford’s ex-radical in The Company You Keep to the uncomfortably intimate father-son relationship in A Woman’s Way, cinema has a habit of reframing family relationships.

2013 September 11th, Is There a Method to the Syrian Madness?, In These Times.
On radical-emancipatory movements and false rationales for war.

2013 September 6th, Syria is a pseudo-struggle, The Guardian.
The ongoing struggle we see is a false one, lacking the kind of radical-emancipatory opposition clearly perceptible in Egypt.

2013 September 3rd, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange: our new heroes, The Guardian.
As the NSA revelations have shown, whistleblowing is now an essential art. It is our means of keeping ‘public reason’ alive.

2013 August 23rd, Deaths on the Nile, In These Times.
Is Egypt’s revolution following the course of Iran’s?

2013 August 13th, Freedom in the Cloud, In These Times.
Assange, Manning and Snowden are the new heroes of the era of digitalized control.

2013 August 12th, Ágota Kristóf’s The Notebook awoke in me a cold and cruel passion, The Guardian.
The young twins are thoroughly immoral – they lie, blackmail, kill – yet they stand for authentic ethical naivety at its purest.

2013 July 18th, Trouble in Paradise, London Review of Books.
Slavoj Žižek on the global protest.

2013 July 12th, Slavoj Žižek on The Act of Killing and the modern trend of “privatising public space”, New Statesman.
The documentary film The Act of Killing asks Indonesian death-squad leaders to re-enact their crimes for the camera. They boast openly about their massacres as we observe the real effects of living a fiction.

2013 April 17th, The simple courage of decision: a leftist tribute to Thatcher, New Statesman.
What we need today is a Thatcher of the left: a leader who would repeat Thatcher’s gesture in the opposite direction, transforming the entire field of presuppositions shared by today’s political elite.

2013 April 8th, What Europe’s Elites Don’t Know, In These Times.
When the blind are leading the blind, democracy is the victim.

2013 April 8th, The Cyprus crisis is a symptom of what is rotten in the EU, The Guardian.
Cyprus can’t repay its debt and the EU can’t go on throwing money at it. The entire banking system needs a radical overhaul.

2013 March 11th, A heart larger than life, Blog da Boitempo.
Also appeared in Portuguese in Estadao.

2013 February 17th, Why the free market fundamentalists think 2013 will be the best year ever, The Guardian.
As communists once did, today’s capitalists blame any failures on their system being ‘impurely’ applied.

2013 February 14th, Is romance dead? – In the future we’ll outsource sex, The Guardian.
On Valentine’s Day, our panel considers whether modern living has killed off our emotional instincts.

2013 January 25th, Zero Dark Thirty: Hollywood’s gift to American power, The Guardian.
Many have pointed out that Kathryn Bigelow’s film endorses torture. But why has such a film been made now?

2013 January 16th, The west’s crisis is one of democracy as much as finance, The Guardian.
The spirit of dictators like Ceausescu is finding new life in the response of the European elite to pressures in the eurozone.


2012 November 23rd, ‘What Goes On When Nothing Goes On?’, Verso Blog.

2012 November 13th, Why Obama is more than Bush with a human face, The Guardian.
Ground-floor thinking can give Obama lift-off. His reforms have already touched a nerve at the core of the US ideological edifice.

2012 October 8th, Capitalism; How the left lost the argument, Foreign Policy.

2012 September 18th, Welcome to the “Spiritual Kingdom of Animals”, Blog Biotempo.

2012 August 23rd, Slavoj Žižek: The politics of Batman, New Statesman.
From the repression of unruly citizens to the celebration of the “good capitalist”, The Dark Knight Rises reflects our age of anxiety.

2012 August 14th, We don’t want the charity of rich capitalists, ABC.

2012 August 8th, Dictatorship of the Proletariat in Gotham City, Blog da Biotempo.

2012 August 7th, “The True Blasphemy”: Slavoj Žižek on Pussy Riot, Chtodelat News.

2012 July 25th, Revolution must strike twice, London Review of Books.
In 1917, fighting against the tide of Bolshevik opinion, Lenin claimed that there is no ‘proper time’ for revolution, simply emerging opportunities which must be seized. In the latest exclusive essay from the London Review of Books, Slavoj Zizek argues that the left today needs Lenin’s lessons more than ever.

2012 July 24th, What does Europe want? Beyond the multiculturalist deadlock, ABC.

2012 July 11th, A modest plea for enlightened catastrophism, ABC.

2012 July 3rd, Slavoj Žižek Responds to His Critics, Jacobin.

2012 June 29th, Smashing the Spinning Plates, In These Times.
How long can the Eurocrats in Brussels keep the dinnerware in motion?

2012 June 7th, Save us from the saviours, London Review of Books.
Slavoj Žižek on Europe and the Greeks.

2012 May 25th, Capitalism can no longer afford freedom, ABC.

2012 May 10th, The power of the woman and the truth of Islam, ABC.

2012 April 24th, Occupy Wall Street: what is to be done next?, The Guardian.
How a protest movement without a programme can confront a capitalist system that defies reform.

2012 April 17th, If there is a God, then anything is permitted, ABC.

2012 January 26th, The Revolt of the Salaried Bourgeoisie, London Review of Books.

2012 January 16th, Best of 2011: Only Communism can save liberal democracy, ABC.


2011 December 12th, Sing of the new invasion, New Statesman.
Ralph Fiennes’s upcoming film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus shows its versatility.

2011 November 11th, Liberalism as politics for a race of devils, ABC.

2012 October 31st, Beyond the occupations, ABC.

2011 October 28th, Democracy is the enemy, London Review of Books.

2011 October 26th, The Violent Silence of a New Beginning, In These Times.
The Occupy protests are important, but soon the difficult question must be answered: What social organization can replace capitalism?
Other version.

2011 October 1st, Drilling into hearts of darkness, The Age.

2011 September 1st, Basic instincts: The rioters’ impotent envy, ABC.

2011 August 11th, Shoplifters of the World Unite, London Review of Books.
Slavoj Žižek on the meaning of the riots. Appeared in print on September 8th 2011.

2011 August 8th, The only church that illuminates is a burning church, ABC.

2011 August 8th, A vile logic to Anders Breivik’s choice of target, The Guardian.
Like Pim Fortuyn before him, Breivik embodies the intersection between rightist populism and liberal political correctness.

2011 July 26th, Anti-immigration politics: barbarism with a human face, ABC.

2011 June 27th, Capital is the Real of our lives, Adbusters.

2011 May 2nd, Corporate Rule of Cyberspace, Inside Higher Ed.
The arrival of cloud computing is a time for more scrutiny of the entities that direct our virtual lives, writes Slavoj Zizek. — This essay is adapted from his new afterword for the paperback edition of Žižek’s Living in the End Times.

2011 May 1st, The Un-Shock Doctrine, Guernica Magazine.
Despite everything, Slavoj Žižek still believes the Idea of communism is the most appropriate for our end times of crises and monsters. — This article was adapted from the afterword to the new paperback edition of Living in the End Times.

2011 March 5th, Two-state solution is the greatest obstacle to peace, ABC.

2011 March 4th, Israel’s best hope lies in a single state, New Statesman.
In East Jerusalem, vigilantes prowl, hunting for Jewish girls who consort with Arab men.

2011 March 2nd, Haiti needs the world’s support, The Guardian.
Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Slavoj Žižek and others call on the US, France and Canada to keep out of Haiti’s democratic process in an open letter to the Guardian.

2011 February 25th, The truth shall set you free, but not this truth, ABC.

2011 February 14th, The miracle of Tahrir Square, ABC.

2011 February 10th, For Egypt, this is the miracle of Tahrir Square, The Guardian.
There is no room for compromise. Either the entire Mubarak edifice falls, or the uprising is betrayed.

2011 February 3rd, Tunisia and Egypt expose hypocrisy of western liberalism, ABC.

2011 February 1st, Why fear the Arab revolutionary spirit? The Guardian.
The western liberal reaction to the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia frequently shows hypocrisy and cynicism.

2011 January 25th, Europe must move beyond mere tolerance, The Guardian.
The EU must unite its people in a common struggle, breaking the deadlock between anaemic liberals and impassioned extremists.

2011 January 20th, Good Manners in the Age of WikiLeaks, London Review of Books.
Also appeared in German in Die Presse.


2010 December 2nd, The End of Nature, New York Times.

2010 November 23rd, Barbarism With A Human Face, In These Times.

2010 November 8th, Capitalism and the assault on reason, ABC.

2010 October 21st, Can you give my son a job? London Review of Books.

2010 October 6th, Best of 2010: Barbarism with a Human Face, ABC.

2010 October 3rd, Liberal multiculturalism masks an old barbarism with a human face, The Guardian.
Across Europe, the politics of the far right is infecting us all with the need for a ‘reasonable’ anti-immigration policy.

2010 August 5th, Give BP a break, ABC.

2010 June 17th, ‘O Earth, Pale Mother!’ In These Times.
Our readiness to assume guilt for the threats to our environment is deceptively reassuring: We like to be guilty since, if we are guilty, then it all depends on us.

2010 April 29th, Joe Public v the volcano, New Statesman.
We are living in an age when we are both able to change nature and more at its mercy than ever – as the Icelandic volcano has proved.

10 April 21st, A Soft Focus on War, In These Times.
How Hollywood hides the horrors of war.

2010 April 1st, Soul of the party, New Statesman.
St Paul had it right – using religion to rock the foundations of authority.

2010 March 23rd, Green Berets with a Human Face, London Review of Books.
The victory at the Oscars of Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker” over James Cameron’s “Avatar” was generally perceived as a good sign…

2010 March 4th, Avatar: Return of the natives, New Statesman.
Slavoj Žižek on the “brutal racist overtones” of James Cameron’s Avatar.


2009 November 19th, Post-Wall, London Review of Books.

2009 November 9th, 20 Years of Collapse, New York Times.
Also appeared in German in Frankfurter Rundschau.

2009 November, Through the glasses darkly, Socialist Review, 341.
Cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek offers a thought provoking analysis of how ideology embeds itself by structuring the way we react to the conditions of our daily lives.

2009 October, To each according to his greed, Harper’s Magazine.

2009 September 14th, Making the Illegal Legal, In These Times.
Israel’s Kafkaesque bureaucracy colonizes the occupied West Bank one settlement at a time.

2009 August 18th, Quiet slicing of the West Bank makes abstract prayers for peace obscene, The Guardian.
Condemnation of ‘illegal’ settlements and violence only blurs the reality of what the Israeli state is sanctioning, day by day.

2009 July 23rd, Berlusconi in Tehran, London Review of Books.

2009 July 13th, Iran on the Brink, In These Times.
Warning to the Persian cat: Don’t look down!


2008 November 14th, Use Your Illusions, London Review of Books.

2008 November 13th, Why Cynics Are Wrong, In These Times.
The sublime shock of Obama’s victory

2008 October 29th, Through the Glasses Darkly, In These Times.
What if the between-the-lines Republican message (don’t be afraid, there will be no real change) is the true illusion?

2008 October 10th, Don’t Just Do Something, Talk, London Review of Books.

2008 September 2nd, The Audacity of Rhetoric, In These Times.

2008 August 14th, Democracy versus the people, New Statesman.
A new account of Haiti’s recent history shows how the genuinely radical politics of Lavalas and its leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, proved too threatening to the country’s wealthy elite and their foreign backers.

2008 August 14th, The Military-Poetic Complex, London Review of Books.

2008 June 28th, Rumsfeld and the bees, The Guardian.
How to explain the global plunge in hive populations? Look to the unknown knowns.

2008 June 20th, The Ambiguous Legacy of ‘68, In These Times.
Forty years ago, what was revolutionized – the world or capitalism?

2008 June 19th, No Shangri-La, London Review of Books.

2008 May 19th, Tibet: dream and reality, Le Monde Diplomatique.
The West is projecting not only its own spiritual fantasies upon Tibet, but its own economic fears upon China, imagining a power struggle quite different from that which has actually happened in Tibet. We have to learn to look at Tibet as it is – and China too.

2008 April 24th, No Shangri-La, London Review of Books.

2008 January 24th, Resistance is Surrender, London Review of Books.


2007 December 24th, ‘Ode to Joy’, Followed by Chaos and Despair, New York Times.

2007 December 3rd, China’s Valley of Tears; Is authoritarian capitalism the future?, In These Times.
Is authoritarian capitalism the future?

2007 November 15th, Resistance is Surrender, London Review of Books.

2007 November 6th, The Disturbing Sounds of the Turkish March, In These Times.
The true problem with “militaristic humanism” resides not in “militaristic,” but in “humanism,” in the way a military intervention is presented as humanitarian aid.

2007 October 23rd, Turkey is a thorn in the side of a cosy western consensus, The Guardian.
The prospect of an attack on northern Iraq reveals a hollow global consensus on intervention – and a European identity crisis.

2007 October 11th, How China Got Religion, New York Times.

2007 May 18th, The Dreams of Others, In These Times.
By tying the drama to a mere personal whim, “The Lives of Others” fails to capture the true horror of the GDR.

2007 March 24th, Knight of the Living Dead, New York Times.
Since the release of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s dramatic confessions, moral outrage at the extent of his crimes has been mixed with doubts…

2007 January 26th, In You More Than Yourself, In These Times.
The revolutionary potential of the Internet is far from self-evident.

2007 January 5th, Denying the Facts, Finding the Truth, New York Times.
One of the pop heroes of the Iraq war was undoubtedly Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf, the unfortunate Iraqi information minister…


2006 December 30th, Is this digital democracy, or a new tyranny of cyberspace? The Guardian.
The hype of freedom on the web masks both disparities of power and the dangers of blurring real and virtual identities.

2006 September 11th, On 9/11, New Yorkers faced the fire in the minds of men, The Guardian.
Hollywood’s attempts to mark the 2001 attacks ignore their political context and the return to history they symbolise.

2006 August 30th, Let’s Be Realists, Let’s Demand the Impossible! In These Times.
Why Pragmatic Politics are Doomed to Fail in the Middle East

2006 August 17th, Let Jerusalem go, London Review of Books.

2006 May 25th, Freud Lives! London Review of Books.
In recent years, it’s often been said that psychoanalysis is dead. New advances in the brain sciences have finally put it where it belongs…

2006 April 11th, The Liberal Communists of Porto Davos, In These Times.

2006 April 6th, Nobody has to be vile, London Review of Books.
…liberal communists are the enemy of every true progressive struggle today…

2006 March 24th, Our cherished friend Liberty reveals herself as a naked lie, Times Higher Education.
We enjoy limitless freedom of choice in the West, right? Wrong, says Slavoj Zizek, who takes a sideways glance at the ‘truths’ we hold dear.

2006 March 12th, Defenders of the Faith, New York Times.
For centuries, we have been told that without religion we are no more than egotistic animals fighting for our share…

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The message of the TV series, that torturers can retain their human dignity if the cause is right, is a profound lie.


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2005 October 22nd, The new politics of truth, openDemocracy.
Reality and fantasy in New Orleans

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Reality and fantasy in New Orleans

2005 August 18th, Lenin Shot at Finland Station, London Review of Books.

2005 August 11th, Give Iranian Nukes a Chance, In These Times.
In a mad world, the logic of MAD still works

2005 June 19th, Thanks, But We’ll Do It Ourselves, In These Times.
Against enlightened administration

2005 June 4th, The constitution is dead. Long live proper politics, The Guardian.
Like Amish teenagers, Europe’s voters were not offered a truly free choice.

2005 May 21st, Revenge of Global Finance, In These Times.

2005 April 8th, The Pope’s Failures, In These Times.
Pope John Paul II’s reaction to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” is well known…

2005 Spring, The Christian-Hegelian Comedy, Cabinet Magazine 17.

2005 March-April, Where to Look for a Revolutionary Potential? Adbusters.
Today, there are many candidates for the position of “universal individual”, the particular group whose fate stands for the injustice of today’s world: Palestinians, Guantanamo prisoners…

2005 March 17th, The Two Totalitarianisms, London Review of Books.

2005 February 19th, The Empty Wheelbarrow, The Guardian.

2005 February 14th, The Not-So-Quiet American, In These Times.
The Iraqi elections appear to authenticate the statement George W. Bush made in his January inauguration speech…

2005 February 4th, The colour of the truth, Times Higher Education.
Slavoj Zizek urges academics, who too easily use false terms like ‘freedom’, to reach for the red ink.


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(Or, finally some good news from Washington!)

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Slavoj Žižek on Populist Conservatism.

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2004 May 1st, What lies beneath, The Guardian.
Slovenia’s greatest artists have been exiles, says Slavoj Zizek, so what will the country bring to the EU?

2004 May 1st, What Does Europe Want? In These Times.
On May 1, eight new countries were welcomed into the European Union—but which “Europe” will they find there?

2004 February 27th, Passion: Regular or Decaf? In These Times.

2004 January/February, Iraq’s False Promises, Foreign Policy.
If you want to understand why the Bush administration invaded Iraq, read Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, not the National Security Strategy of the United States. Only the twisted logic of dreams can explain why the United States thinks that the aggressive pursuit of contradictory goals — promoting democracy, affirming U.S. hegemony, and ensuring stable energy supplies — will produce success.

2004 January 21st, What Is To be Done (with Lenin)? In These Times.


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The philosopher welcomes the prospect of biogenetic intervention.

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Much more is at stake in this war than the future of Saddam Hussein.

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Is this the end of fantasy?

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(Not available online. See the publication on lacan.com)

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Milosevic has reached the end of his road, but Serbia’s journey to self-reconstruction has only just begun.

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The ultimate postmodern irony of today is the strange exchange between Europe and Asia…


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On the Political Tragedy of Vaclav Havel

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Slavoj Žižek writes about the Post-Modern Superego


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Pdf version.


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