Translation internships

What we ask

  • We are now offering internships for translators. We are especially interested in translations of the work currently on this website. This includes lectures, articles, video and podcast transcripts, interviews, etc.
  • Next to translations, we are also looking for people who are willing to transcribe the videos and podcasts.
  • Though we have no restrictions on language, Spanish speakers in particular are encouraged to apply. We equally do not have restrictions on your background, though more often than not a background in philosophy will prove useful.
  • If you are interested in translating some of Zizek’s work on this website into another language. Please do not infringe any copyright laws by copy-pasting from existing translations, as our system will likely detect this.

What we offer

  • As a thank you for your work, we provide personalised letters of recommendation.
  • You can of course use this for your CV, and we will be able to validate if you desire to use me as a reference.
  • We are also able and willing to help you promote your work by creating a bio section where you can link to your website.
  • If there are some other demands on your side, please let us know.
  • Please note that the internships are unpaid.

For more information, please send me an email.