The Pervert’s Guide to Europe, with Jürgen Kuttner

Democracy is being gradually abolished. Almost everything that was criticised in the past of ‘real socialism’ is now coming back. GDR-nostalgics (Ostalgie) can count themselves lucky: barbed wire at the borders, refugees and smugglers, uncontrollable parallels between intelligence services and monitoring organizations, tendencies towards the planned economy industry, fraud and manipulation in business and politics, which furthermore do not make their actions more transparent or democratically legitimate, but simply ask for trust. Europe is turning.

In his “From Mainz to Memel”-Special, Jürgen Kuttner has a special guest who knows the convergence between East and West very well: Slavoj Žižek. Kuttner’s historical video clips (these were removed!) provide an introduction to a “substantial discussion” about the future of Europe, which Slavoj Žižek is planning for this evening at the Volksbühne – a continuation of the, among others, Europa podium launched in October 2015 by Yannis Varoufakis.

[Appeared at Volksbhüne Berlin on November 21st 2015.]