Slavoj Žižek – The Reality of the Virtual (2004)

One of the earlier Žižek film lectures, yet quite an important one for our understanding of ideology in popular culture. The reality of the virtual is of course a reversal of virtual reality and draws on a diverse amount of topics and disciplines familiar to Žižek. The lecture was filmed in London on December 11th 2003 by Ben Wright for LUX.

Extract by publisher:

In this tour de force filmed lecture, Slavoj Zizek lucidly and compellingly reflects on belief – which takes him from Father Christmas to democracy – and on the various forms that belief takes, drawing on Lacanian categories of thought. In a radical dismissal of todays so called post-political era, he mobilizes the paradox of universal truth urging us to dare to enact the impossible. It is a characteristic virtuoso performance, moving promiscuously from subject to subject but keeping the larger argument in view. Based at Ljubliana University, Slavoj Zizek’s main body includes [amazon asin=1781680191&text=Welcome to the Desert of the Real] and, most recently, [amazon asin=0262740257&title=The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity].