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All we are saying is give Greece a chance

All we are saying is give Greece a chance

The European Union’s demand that Greece continue with the catastrophic austerity policies of the past five years flies in the face of democracy and sound economics. The Greek people in democratic elections decisively rejected these policies, which have led to a 26% shrinking of the economy, 27% unemployment and 40% of the population on the poverty line. A continuation of austerity will jeopardise the future of the EU and betray principles of democracy, prosperity and solidarity. It risks fuelling the rise of extreme anti-democratic forces in Greece and elsewhere. We urge the European leadership to respect the decision of the Greek people and to give the new government breathing space to reverse the humanitarian crisis and start the necessary reconstruction of the country’s devastated economy.

Costas Douzinas, Jacqueline Rose, Giorgio Agamben, Slavoj Zizek, Lynne Segal, Gayatri Spivak, Etienne Balibar, Judith Butler, Jean-Luc Nancy, Chantal Mouffe, David Harvey, Eric Fassin, Joanna Bourke, Immanuel Wallerstein, Wendy Brown, Sandro Mezzadra, Marina Warner, Drucilla Cornell

[Appeared in The Guardian on February 17th 2015.]

Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst, and a senior researcher at the Institute for Humanities, Birkbeck College, University of London. He has also been a visiting professor at more than 10 universities around the world. Žižek is the author of many books; his latest are Against the Double Blackmail and Disparities. This account is not monitored and is only maintained to give appropriate credit.

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