A Marxist for Trump

[Note: The embed feature of vice.com does not seem to work correctly; link to video is provided below the transcript.]  Slavoj Žižek: I think it’s totally wrong to say Trump is really a dangerous right-wing fundamentalist. No. He is nothing. He is an opportunist, the way I see it. Narrated: Slavoj Žižek is Slovenian philosopher, Marxist, and celebrity intellectual whose sharp criticism of mass culture and politics have made him the ‘Elvis of cultural theory’.[ …]

Communist Absconditus (transcript)

[Transcript below video.] Schirmacher: If you don’t know him, you don’t live in this world. Obviously he is the one best-known philosopher in the world, the not the best but the best-known …. To say, the most dangerous one, you know. And he has already threatened us with his last 1000-page book, Hegel is coming towards us in my form you know, I will write all about the entire world, and that, he has already[ …]

Slavoj Žižek: Blofeld rides again, Interview with Danny Leigh

Slavoj Žižek is in bed. He’s wearing cheap pyjamas in a porridgy shade of grey. He looks exactly like the photographs I’ve seen of him: fag-ash beard, ghostly complexion. I loom over him, and he glowers back. His face is just inches from mine, so close I can feel his breath. “No, you are wrong!” he hisses. “My dreams were not really mine! That’s why I wanted to be reborn!” None of this is a[ …]

China’s Valley of Tears

The explosion of capitalism in China has many Westerners asking when political democracy–as the “natural” accompaniment of capitalism–will emerge. But a closer look quickly dispels any such hope. Modern-day China is not an oriental-despotic distortion of capitalism, but rather the repetition of capitalism’s development in Europe itself. In the early modern era, most European states were far from democratic. And if they were democratic (as was the case of the Netherlands during the 17th century),[ …]