The Universal Exception (Preface)

The big Other between violence and civility Slavoj Zizek   The ‘universal exception’, according to Lacan, is the fundamental feature of the symbolic order (the ‘big Other’) as the order of universality: each universality is grounded in its constitutive exception. This feature is to be supplemented with its no less paradoxical obverse, the so-called ‘not-All [pas tout]’: an order (or rather, a field, a signifying space) with no exception that is eo ipso not-all, and[ …]

Slavoj Zizek: What does it mean to be a great thinker today?

[Partial transcript from the end of the video is below] And here I even agree with my friend, although a right-winger – but you can learn from conservative intelligent right-wingers – Peter Sloterdijk, who said the problem today is we don’t have enough alienation. We have … we should break this politically correct, multi-culti stupidity ‘We have to understand the other.’ No. How can we understand the others when they don’t understand themselves, when we[ …]