Zizek at Occupy Wall Street (transcript)

[Transcript below. Talk given at Occupy Wall Street rally on October 9th, 2011.] They are saying we are all losers, but the true losers are down there on Wall Street. They were bailed out by billions of our money. We are called socialists, but here there is always socialism for the rich. They say we don’t respect private property, but in the 2008 financial crash-down more hard-earned private property was destroyed than if all of us[ …]

A Very Dangerous Q&A (transcript)

TONY JONES: What about Hitler and Stalin, psychopaths? JON RONSON: Well, I think, you know, if you’ve got like – if you’ve got a kind of grotesque costume, a kind of uniform that’s kind of garish, plus a penchant for genocide, that’s a big clue. So if you get them onto the subject of empathy, what they hate is weakness. They hate weakness and so if you can get them to talk about how empathy[ …]

Let Us Demand the Impossible: Communism

[Abstract by ABC:] In the late 90s, political theorists, economists and politicians were talking confidently about the end of history and the undisputed triumph of liberal “democratic” capitalism. Communism was written off as dead and buried. But after 9/11, the GFC, the Arab Spring, and the protests spreading over Europe, the ideological gloss of capitalism may be beginning to fade. If the alternative is Putin’s muscular Tsarism or China’s authoritarian capitalism, then renovating the idea[ …]

Zizek at Occupy Wall Street (Q&A)

[A brief Q&A after the Occupy Wall Street rally on October 9th, 2011. For video and transcript of the talk, see this post.] Do you have any suggestions how this movement can go forward after this? Such a difficult question that I almost want to take the fifth ammendment. I refuse to answer it because the answer might incriminate me. All I’m saying is, and I’m sorry this will hurt some of you, that this[ …]

Slavoj Žižek: “Everybody in the World Except US Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote and Elect the American Government”

Amy Goodman: Our next guest has been called “the Elvis of cultural theory,” widely considered to be one of Europe’s leading intellectuals. Slavoj Žižek is a philosopher, psychoanalyst, cultural theorist. Born in Slovenia, he has written more than fifty books, speaks to sold-out audiences around the world. In 1990, he campaigned unsuccessfully to be president of Slovenia, the first Yugoslav republic to hold a free election. He’s in New York right now to give a[ …]