Donald Trump’s topsy-turvy world

The most depressing aspect of the post-electoral period in the US is not the measures announced by the President-elect but the way the bulk of the Democratic Party is reacting to its historic defeat. Notably, its supporters oscillate between two extremes: the horror at the Big Bad Wolf called Trump and the obverse of this panic and fascination — the renormalization of the situation, the idea that nothing extraordinary happened, that it is just another[ …]

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2017 2017 January 16th, Donald Trump’s topsy-turvy world, The Philosophical Salon. 2017 January 10th, Lessons from the “Airpocalypse”, In These Times. On China’s smog problem and the ecological crisis. 2016 2016 November 29th, The Left’s Fidelity to Castro-ation, In These Times. In the last decades, Cuban “socialism” continued to live only because it didn’t yet notice it was already dead. 2016 November 6th, Slavoj Zizek on Clinton, Trump and the Left’s Dilemma, In These Times. To paraphrase Stalin:[ …]

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2017 January 11th, Žižek and the Double Blackmail, Interview with Douglas Lain, Zero Squared. 2016 December 3rd, A ‘clash of civilisations’, Interview with Mehdi Hasan, Al Jazeera. 2016 December 1st, Slavoj Žižek on Cuba and Yugoslavia. 2016 November 30th, A Marxist for Trump, Interview with Mary H.K. Choi. Vice News. Far-left philosopher Slavoj Žižek explains why he supported Trump over Clinton. 2016 November 27th, Slavoj Žižek on Castro’s death, RT. 2016 November 16th, Electing Trump will ‘shake up’ the[ …]

Lessons From the “Airpocalypse”

In December 2016, smog in big Chinese cities became so thick that thousands fled into the countryside, trying to reach a place where one could still see blue sky—this “airpocalypse” affected half a billion people. For those who remained, moving around began to resemble life in a post-apocalyptic movie: people walking around with large gas masks in a smog where even nearby trees were invisible. The class dimension played a crucial role: Before the authorities[ …]

Is Political Correctness a Solution — or a Desperate Cover-Up?

[Transcript below video.] I know that there is a lot of sexual harassment, racism and so on in our lives, and I don’t doubt that the majority of people who promote political correctness mean it sincerely. I’m not saying that. I’m not saying in the way of right-wing paranoia that they are evil people who want to destroy American way of life. I’m just saying this that the way they approach the problem is that[ …]

Slavoj Žižek in 2016 – publications, articles, and interviews

Is something missing from the list below? Please link to the content/abstract in the comments section. Publications in Academic Journals Sexuality in the Posthuman Age Published Books 2016. Slavoj Žižek. Antigone. Bloomsbury Academic. 2016. Slavoj Žižek. Against the Double Blackmail . Allen Lane. 2016. Slavoj Žižek. Disparities. Bloomsbury Academic. 2016. Slavoj Žižek. The Wagnerian Sublime: Four Lacanian Readings of Classic Operas. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig. Publications in Newspapers and Magazines The Left’s Fidelity to Castro-ation, In[ …]

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (transcript/subtitles)

They Live (1988) I’ll give you a choice: either put on these glasses or start eating that trashcan. I already am eating from the trashcan all the time. The name of this trashcan is ideology. The material force of ideology makes me not see what I am effectively eating. It’s not only our reality which enslaves us. The tragedy of our predicament when we are within ideology is that when we think that we escape[ …]